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How to upload photo   Step 1  ( there are 2 steps )



Photo upload help

Login in to site.

Click on Profile by your name

Under web site click “ Photo Manager”

Under photo manager click “add photo”

Then click “Browse” to find your photo on your computer( you must know where they are)!!!

Title ( must have this)

Caption ( something about pic )

Photographer ( who took pic )

Date taken

Click “Save” The pic will upload from your computer. It will then be in your library and ready to go on your photo page!!!!

If you haven’t created a photo page of your own yet

Click Profile by your name again

Under web site click “Photo Pages”  You only do this the first time you upload photos or if you are making another photo page, not just loading more photos.

Click Add Photo Page

Name you page what ever you like, most people just use their name.

Step 2.  Adding more photos too your page!!!

Click "Profile " under your name, then under " WEB Site " click "photo pages". Under "Maintain"  click Edit Content".  At  the bottom click the " add photo button", next under Photo Library find what you named your library( usually your name) select that.  Click "Show Photos" then you  can choose from the pictures that you uploaded under Photo Manager and click select and the photo will go to your page.